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Indigenous Science Is Lifesaving And Rights To It Must Be Protected

Though collaboration is crucial to finding solutions for climate change, Indigenous People must be able to maintain, protect, and control their cultural heritage, sciences, and technologies. The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples provides a legal framework for intellectual ownership by Indigenous communities of their traditional knowledge. However, many additional cultural barriers to equal-footed climate change collaboration exist, such as the automatic devaluation of Indigenous science by Western science practitioners.

Roberto Borrero (Taíno), International Indian Treaty Council
Andrea Carmen (Yaqui), Executive Director of the International Indian Treaty Council

Suzanne Benally(Navajo/ Santa Clara Tewa), Executive Director of Cultural Survival. Recorded at the 5th annual workshop of Rising Voices: Collaborative Science with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Solutions, held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in April of 2017.

"Atahualpa" and "Lights In The Forest" by @Yarina. Used with permission.
Indigenous Rights Radio English Intro track features "Burn your Village to the Ground" by @a-tribe-called-red. Used with permission.

Shaldon Ferris (Khoi-San)

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