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Indigenous Rights Radio:

Because Knowledge is Power

Cultural Survival's Indigenous radio producers bring you the latest information on Indigenous Peoples' rights and how they are being implemented around the world. Listen to our programs, designed for broadcast on community radio stations, including Public Service Announcements, interviews, and documentaries about internationally recognized rights and the strategies communities are using to make those rights a reality.


Latest Content in English

Covid - 19 Vaccines

After months of clinical trials by many companies in different countries, several vaccines, which are 94-95% effective, have finally been approved and are now making their way to hospitals, clinics and doctors rooms. Successful trials of the vaccines have taken place with medical professionals and the elderly. Vaccines against COVID-19 will be available to us soon.
Produced by Shaldon Ferris
Voice: Jayd Smith

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Latest Content

Covid - 19 And Indigenous Community Controlled Health - Thami

Limited access to basic health services remains a big problem for Indigenous communities across all continents. Indigenous populations in many countries have experienced poorer health outcomes compared to non-Indigenous populations. Mainstream health services have not adequately met the health needs of Indigenous Peoples in both rural and urban settings. In addition, mainstream health services situated in capitals and major cities have not been accessible and are inadequate and culturally inappropriate to many urban Indigenous populations or to those that travel from the communities to get attention in the city.
Produced by Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Voice: Bikesh Thami

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