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Indigenous radio producers from Cultural Survival bring you the latest information on Indigenous Peoples' rights and how they are being implemented around the world. Listen, download and share our programs for free. Our material includes public service announcements, interviews, reports on international rights and the strategies that Indigenous communities are using to make their rights a reality.

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Standing Our Ground - A Story Of A Significant Battle

Diana Morat from Eldos FM interviews Tauriq Jenkins on the saga of Amazon.com who wants to set up shop in Cape Town, South Africa. The piece of land that has been identified by Amazon has become a bone of contention. First Nations have a strong claim to this land because in 1510 it was the site of the first battle between the Khoi and European colonizers - in this instance the Portuguese Viceroy of India, Francisco d'Almeida. This is sacred land. The issues are of human rights, of heritage, of water and flora and fauna, of recreation and refreshment, of air and stars. The Goringhaicona Khoi-Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council and The Observatory Civic Association (OCA) have served notice on the Liesbeek Leisure Property Trust, the City of Cape Town, and the Western Cape government departments that have approved this development. We hear all about this issue from Eldos FM, a community radio based in South Africa.

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Uso de medicina tradicional

La medicina tradicional ha existido desde tiempos precoloniales, y su uso y práctica  ha tomado mucha mayor importancia en los últimos años debido a la actual crisis por Covid-19

Los abuelos y abuelas han compartido su sabiduría y conocimiento sobre medicina natural a través de pláticas orales con sus hijos y nietos,  y las radios comunitarias son medios que han trasladado esta valiosa información a través de programas radiales que son producidos en idiomas Indígenas, español y otros idiomas más. 

Radio Tosepan, ubicada en México, comparte con todos este programa en idioma español, Náhuatl y Totonaco, que habla de la madre tierra y el uso de plantas medicinales, el cual puede escuchar, descargar y compartir de forma gratuita. 


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