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Indigenous Rights Radio:

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Cultural Survival's Indigenous radio producers bring you the latest information on Indigenous Peoples' rights and how they are being implemented around the world. Listen to our programs, designed for broadcast on community radio stations, including Public Service Announcements, interviews, and documentaries about internationally recognized rights and the strategies communities are using to make those rights a reality.


Latest Content in English

Indigenous Food Security In The Arctic

For Indigenous Peoples, food security is necessary for health, and also to maintain a relationship with the earth and its resources.
What is also valuable for Indigenous Peoples is to consume culturally appropriate food. In this radio program, we speak to Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough and Carolina Behe, as we find out more about food sovereignty and food security amongst Inuit and Peoples in the Arctic.
Producer: Shaldon Ferris (KhoiSan)
Interviewees: Carolina Behe and Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough(Iñupiat)
Image: Berry picking. Photo by Chris Arend.
"Whispers", by Ziibiwan, used with permission.
"Burn your village to the ground", by a tribe called red, used with permission.

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Latest Content

Nutrition During The Covid - 19 Pandemic Uranw - Indigenous - Language - Nepal

This is a public service announcement about the coronavirus or Covid-19 disease outbreak.
While we adhere to the precautionary measures that prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to strengthen the defenses in our body through responsible and healthy nourishment. Having a healthy immune system means that our bodies can fight the virus.
Within the community there are a great variety of foods that grow and are produced that can cover the needs of our families and of those elders who live alone.

Producer: Dev Kumar Sunuwar
Voice: Bechan Uranw
Image: Washing Hands
"Burn Your Village to the Ground" by A Tribe Called Red. Used with permission.

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