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We are proud to offer our programs in a multitude of languages!  These translations were provided by wonderful individuals.  If you have the interest and ability to translate our programs into your native language, please contact us at consent@cs.org.

The following are translated transcripts of our Free, Prior, and Informed Consent audio recordings.  

Arabic / العربية
Thanks to: Azzouz Fakhri, Varteny Pamboukian, and Ghada Elgazzar
Spots 1-20 Arabic Transcripts

Armenian / հայերեն
Thanks to: Anna Makaryan
Spots 1-20 Armenian Transcripts

Basque / Basque
Thanks to: Asier Calzada and Itziar Aldareguia
Spots 1-20 Basque Transcripts

Burmese / မြန်မာဘာသာ
Thanks to: Violet Cho
Spots 1-20 Burmese Transcripts

Catalan / Català
Thanks to: Alicia Rod
Spots 1-20 Catalan Transcripts

Central Khmer (Cambodian) / ភាសាខ្មែរ
Thanks to: Som Kethyasey
Spots 1-20 Cambodian Transcripts

Chichewa, Chinyanja / Chewa, Nyanja, Nyasa
Thanks to: James Yassin
Spots 1-20 Chichewa Transcripts

Croatian / Hrvatski
Thanks to: Jasna Rodic
Spots 1-20 Croatian Transcripts

Czech / Čeština
Thanks to: Lenka Strmiskova and Anna Pleadin
Spots 1-20 Czech Transcripts

Dutch / Nederlands
Thanks to: The Loc People and Marinus Kruissen
Spots 1-20 Dutch Transcripts

Spots 1-20 English Transcripts

Finnish / Suomalainen
Thanks to: Tuula Voutilainen and Liisa Peilow
Spots 1-20 Finnish Transcripts

French / Français
Thanks to: Hannah Reier and Professor Nicholas Huckle and his 2013-2014 LF305 “Advanced French Written Expression” students at Boston University
Spots 1-20 French Transcripts

Georgian / ქართული
Thanks to: Mikhail Shengeliya and Nana Bakhtadze
Spots 1-20 Georgian Transcripts

German / Deutsch
Thanks to: Patrizia Vanazzi and Ina Glynn
Spots 1-20 German Transcripts

Greek / Ελληνικά
Thanks to: Christina Kourkoula
Spots 1-20 Greek Transcripts

Hindi / हिन्दी
Thanks to: Rajesh Kumar Ojha and Bhargavi Sayee
Spots 1-20 Hindi Transcripts

Hungarian / Magyar
Thanks to: Viktória Gal
Spots 1-20 Hungarian Transcripts

Igbo / Igbo
Thanks to: Chigozie Ezeani
Spots 1-20 Igbo Transcripts

Indonesian / Indonesia
Thanks to: Jenny Anastasia and John Lee
Spots 1-20 Indonesian Transcripts

Irish Gaelic / Gaeilge
Thanks to: Ruth and Kevin Scannell
Spots 1-20 Irish Transcripts

Italian / Italiano
Thanks to: Professor Rita Coté and her 2013-2014 LI303 “Self Expression in Italian” students at Boston University
Spots 1-10 Italian Transcripts

Japanese / 日本語
Thanks to: Hui Ling Tan
Spots 1-20 Japanese Transcripts

Javanese / Javanese
Thanks to: Indras Woro
Spots 1-20 Javanese Transcripts

Korean / 한국의
Thanks to: Seoyeon Chu and Jin
Spots 1-20 Korean Transcripts

Kurdish / کوردی
Thanks to: Bryar Rahman and Sarhang Omer
Spots 1-20 Kurdish Transcripts

Lao / ພາສາລາວ
Thanks to: Jay Sayako
Spots 1-20 Lao Transcripts

Malay / Melayu
Thanks to: Daniel Chow and Nadia M
Spots 1-20 Malay Macrolanguage Transcripts

Mandarin Chinese / 官话, 官話, Guānhuà
Thanks to: Jie Ren, Elly Liu, Jiewen Wu, and Stephanie Hon
Spots 1-20 Mandarin Chinese Transcripts

Marathi / मराठी
Thanks to: Sanika Patwardhan
Spots 1-20 Marathi Transcripts

Mongolian / монго
Thanks to: Dejidmaa Galbadrakh
Spots 1-20 Mongolian Transcripts

Montenegrin / crnogorski, црногорски
Thanks to: Jasna Rodic
Spots 1-20 Montenegrin Transcripts

Norwegian / Norsk
Thanks to: Sarah Oakton
Spots 1-20 Norwegian Transcripts

Polish / Polski
Thanks to: Dariusz K
Spots 1-20 Polish Transcripts

Persian / فارسی
Thanks to: Elham Khiabani and Shakib Ra

Portuguese Brazilian / Português (Brasil)
Thanks to: Elie Kommel, Ana Goehner, and Marina Hennies
Spots 1-20 Transcripts Portuguese Brazilian

Portuguese European / Português (Europeu)
Thanks to: Julie Cleaver, Ana Palmeirim, and Penelope Pimienta
Spots 1-20 Portuguese European Transcript

Roma / Roma
Thanks to: Laura Giordano
Spots 1-20 Transcripts Roma

Romanian / Română
Thanks to: Ionella Munteanu and Liliana Johnson
Spots 1-20 Romanian Transcripts

Russian / Pусский
Thanks to: Alexander Kozhukhov
Spots 1-20 Russian Transcript

Serbian / српски, srpski
Thanks to: Slobodanka Stojčević and Jasna Rodic 
Spots 1-20 Serbian Transcripts

Spanish / Español
Completo Guiones 1-20 Textos

Swahili / Swahili
Thanks to: Bahati Mabala and Francis Ngige Njoroge
Spots 1-20 Swahili Transcripts

Swedish / Svenska
Thanks to: Henrik Weinestedt and Agneta Pallinder
Spots 1-20 Swedish Transcripts

Telugu / తెలుగు
Thanks to: Sylada Padmavathi
Spots 1-20 Telugu Transcripts

Thai / ไทย
Thanks to: Arinchana Thinsarn and Wisanu Tukaew
Spots 1-20 Thai Transcripts

Tigrinya / ትግርኛ Tigriññā
Thanks to: Amlaku B. Eshetie
Spots 1-20 Tigrinya Transcripts

Turkish / Türk
Thanks to: Nahit Karatasli, Abdullah Demir, and Yasemin Bayraktar
Spots 1-20 Turkish Transcripts

Ukrainian / український
Thanks to: Yuliya Freya and Irina Strelnikova
Spots 1-20 Ukrainian Transcripts

Vietnamese / Việt
Thanks to: Trang Le
Spots 1-20 Vietnamese Transcript

Most of these translations were made possible through the fabulous assistance of
Alison Nolan and by the incredible volunteers at The Rosetta Foundation!


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