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Food Sovereignty Nepal_Gurung

The idea of every human being’s ’right to food’ is nothing new these days, however, looking specifically at this idea in relation to Indigenous Peoples is an exciting and important movement that is gaining steam fast, and rightfully so. International conferences, under the title Indigenous Terra Madre, have been held across the globe first in Sweden in 2011 and then India to explore topics related to Indigenous food sovereignty and better spread the vast agricultural knowledge that has been passed down through Indigenous communities for generations. In this short radio segment you can hear from some of the knowledgeable and outspoken voices of this movement such as Phrang Roy, chairperson of NESFAS—a sponsor of Terra Madre, American Indigenous rights activist Winona Laduke and Helam Najib, founder of JAVARA among others. Learn more about what Indigenous food sovereignty means and why we need to respect and learn from Indigenous knowledge about sustainability and the natural world today more then ever before. Produced by the Indigenous Media Foundation of Nepal
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