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Advocating for the Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in European Laws on Battery Regulation

In March of 2022, Cultural Survival’s Executive Director Galina Angarova (Buryat) and Director of Programs Avexnim Cojti (Maya K’iche’) traveled to Brussels, Belgium, to meet with Members of the European Parliament, environmental and civil society groups engaged in advocacy efforts around the new European Union battery regulation and the proposed horizontal due diligence law.
In this podcast, we hear from: Malte Gallée, Member of the European Parliament; Galina Angarova; and Dmitry Berezhkov (Itelmen), Indigenous activist.

Produced by Avexnim Cojti(Maya K'iche), edited by Shaldon Ferris (Khoisan)
Image: Dmitry Berzhkov (Facebook)
Music: "Libres Y Vivas", by Mare Advertencia, used with permission.
"Burn your village to the ground", by The Halluci Nation, used with permission.


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