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Indigenous People Affected By Human Trafficking

Indigenous communities are particularly vulnerable to the crime of human trafficking due to the systematic denial of health and wellness resources to which they are subjected. In this program, we focus on the Navajo Nation's response to increased rates of trafficking linked to mining/oil development, and the legal response the Navajo government has implemented to alleviate the harm caused by trafficking, which disproportionately affects Indigenous women and girls.

Monica Mayer, M.D., North Segment Councilwoman, Tribal Business Council of the Mandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation
Carla Fredericks, Director of the American Indian Law Program at the University of Colorado Law School
Nathaniel Brown, Navajo Nation Council Delegate

Delegates lead a Human Trafficking Presentation at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in 2018.

"Remember your Children" by Salidummay. Used with permission.

Indigenous Rights Radio Intro track features "Burn your Village to the Ground" by @a-tribe-called-red. Used with permission.

Dev Kumar Sunuwar and Avex Cojti

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