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Indigenous Women - Knowledge Holders, Responders To Climate Change

Can traditional knowledge from Indigenous communities provide us with answers to fighting climate change? We speak with Andrea Carmen (Yaqui), Executive Director of International Indian Treaty Council. She speaks about how Indigenous women are very strong voices in the work for the protection of the environment, through their role as food producers, knowledge holders, and the first teachers of children. The traditions of sustainability that Indigenous women keep alive are being recognized all the way up to the United Nations, and Indigenous women are in the forefront well as in the confrontation of the causes of climate change- fossil fuels, coal mining, etc. Young Indigenous women and girls in particular are starting these confrontations- for example in Standing Rock it was the young people who started that movement against the pipeline.

Produced by Shaldon Ferris (Khoi-San)
Indigenous Rights Radio English Intro track features "Burn your Village to the Ground" by @a-tribe-called-red Used with Permission.

Background music: "Sik'inïk" by K'oxomal

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