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Lucy Mulenkei on the Past, Present, and Future of the Convention on Biodiversity

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is an international, multilateral treaty that was initially signed by 150 government leaders at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and later became active on December 29, 1993. The CBD came about as a response to growing concern about the state of biodiversity globally and is meant to serve as a practical and legally-binding framework for nations’ commitment to sustainable development. In this podcast, we hear from Lucy Mulenkei (Maasai), who tells us about the history of the CBD, the involvement of women in the CBD process, and more. Lucy Mulenkei is the Executive Director of the Indigenous Information Network. 

Produced by Shaldon Ferris (Khoisan) and Polina Shulbaeva (Selkup)
Interviewee: Lucy Mulenkei (Maasai)
"Whispers" by Ziibiwan, used with permission
"Burn your village to the ground", by The Halluci Nation, used with permission.


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