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"Our sacred objects are not to be hung on walls for decoration"

Indigenous Rights Radio Producer Avexnim Cojtí Ren investigates the movement to repatriate sacred objects, remains, and cultural patrimony taken without consent from Indigenous Peoples by governments, collectors, and individuals. Concepts of ownership, histories of oppression, methods of legal recourse, and recent examples of repatriation attempts all play an important role in the prospects for the return of heritage items to Indigenous Peoples.

Excerpted voices from the US Indian Affairs Senate Hearing on October 25th, 2016 (Creative Commons Attribution licensing, courtesy of Informationblog AcomaPueblo on YouTube):
- Paul Torres, Governor of the Isleta Pueblo.
- Kurt Riley, Governor of the Acoma Pueblo.
- Russell Begaye, Navajo Nation President.
- Dr. Gregory Shaw, former Native American Studies professor, University of California.

Interviewees (recorded at UNPFII 2017):
- Peter Silvester Yucupicio, Pascua Yaqui Tribe, USA.
- Albert Barume, Chair of Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
- Ms. Lily Gray, UNESCO Representative New York.

"The Git Hoan Dancers, NMAI" from the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

"Amat Cua" by Zara Monroy, CoomCaac Nation. Used with permission.
"Sik'inak" by K'oxomal Winaqil, Maya Nation. Used with permission.

Avexnim Cojtí Ren, Maya Nation

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