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The Role of Women in the Revitalization of Indigenous Languages

Indigenous women are the traditional keepers of Indigenous languages and cultures. During a three-day virtual conference organized by Cultural Survival, from October 5 - 7, 2021, titled, “Restoring and Protecting Our Native Languages and Landscapes”, over 30 Indigenous language practitioners and experts shared that Indigenous women have the greatest role in the revitalization and preservation of Indigenous languages. This radio program was produced by Radio Program Producer Dev Kumar Sunuwar based on a panel discussion on the third day of the conference on Indigenous women’s role in language transmission, retention, and revitalization.
Lucy Mulenki (Maasai)
Halay Turning Heart (Yuchi and Seminole)
Toroga Denver Breda (Khoikhoi)
Image: Toroga Denver Breda teaching Indigenous Khoekhoegowab

Music: Russian Indigenous Language presented during the conference by Dulma Butorov
"Burn your village to the ground", by The Halluci Nation, used with permission.

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