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Stand Tall Like A Mountain_Indigenous Peoples' Day 2018

Indigenous peoples' day is about honoring indigenous resistance, and celebrating the contributions of indigenous peoples all over the world. In this newsletter we celebrate the activism of Antie Pua Case from Hawaii, and other activists around the world who fight to preserve our mountains, our rivers, our valleys, our Earth. The program ends with a song by Taino artist Brothery Mikey, who produced a song called "Like the Mauna", inspired by the Indigenous People of Hawaii's efforts to protect the sacred Mauna.

Interviewee: Pua Case
Music: Anania2 by thebabaproject used with permission
Introductory Music: "Burn Your Village to the Ground" by A Tribe Called Red. Used with permission.
Shaldon Ferris
Pua Case, supplied by Pua Case.
This is a production of Radio of Indigenous Rights. Our programs are free to listen, download and spread.

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