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Indigenous Terra Madre Conference

Terra Madre means "Mother Earth" in Latin. The theme of the Indigenous Terra Madre conference was to celebrate the bio and cultural diversity that is the asset of Indigenous communities. The aim of this gathering is to share ideas, to come together, and be inspired or be warned, and to make people aware that our local food systems. It also seeks to build awareness that "the way we cooked in the past, and the wild plants around us are more important for our health than all the medicines we take. If we can convince our people to have pride in their own culture, in their landscapes, we can move ahead successfully," explained Mr. Phrang Roy, Chairman of the North East Slow Food.

Produced by Dev Kumar Sunuwar and Jagat Dong from Nepal, for Cultural Survival after attending the Indigenous Terra Madre conference held in November, 2015 in Meghalaya, North East India.

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