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October 16th is World Food Day!

Hunger and obesity often co-exists in countries where a home cooked meal is far more difficult to attain than fast food, processed food and foods that are high in sugar. In line with the 2030 sustainable development Agenda, the theme for 2019's World Food Day is Healthy Diets for a Zero Hunger world.In this program, we will talk to Indigenous people, to see how they contribute to Sustainable Development goal  number two, which talks about  ending hunger and achieving food security and improved nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture.

Produced by:Shaldon Ferris 

Interviewer: Avexnim Cojti
Interviewees: Sonner Geriya, Million Belay
Picture: Indigenous San Boys Share a Meal, Namibia,
Music: Anania2, by the Baba Project used with permission.
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