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We Need To Grow New, Young Speakers - Richard Grounds On Indigenous Languages

Over the past 25 years, Richard A. Grounds (Yuchi), Ph.D., has worked with Yuchi Elders to create new Yuchi speakers and bring his language back into his community, as well as advocating for Indigenous Peoples' language rights globally. He is currently Chair of the Global Indigenous Languages Caucus and Executive Director of the Yuchi Language Project. An article by Dr. Grounds on Yuchi language revitalization in the face of intellectual colonialism appears in Indigenous Languages and the Promise of Archives, from the University of Nebraska Press.

In this podcast, Cultural Survival's Adriana Hernández (Maya K’iche) met with Dr. Richard grounds at the 21st session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which is currently underway in New York.

Produced by Adriana Hernandez (Maya K’iche)
Edited by Shaldon Ferris (Khoisan)
Interviewee: Richard Grounds (Yuchi)
Music: "LIBRES Y VIVAS" by MARE ADVETENCIA, used with permission.
"Burn your village to the ground", by The Halluci Nation, used with permission.

United States

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